Scottish Food and Retail Award Winner!

Daddy's Sauce

Sunny's late father created this sauce in the late 70’s in Dundee, and he went on to use this signature sauce in all his restaurants.

His father was originally from Khulna, in Bangladesh, his parents had an arranged marriage but Sunny tells us that; "when my father went to visit my mother he knew straight away that he wanted to marry her."

They wanted a better life so they came to Dundee in the 1970's, initially his father to studied the jute industry then worked as a garment finisher in Levi's factory.

When the couple first came to Scotland they were the only Bengali's in Dundee so they suffered some racial abuse; "it was quite hard for them," Sunny said.

His father then opened a series of restaurants, Sunny explains more about him, "he was a really cheery person who everybody respected him so they appointed him the head of the Bangladesh community in Dundee."